Our Biblical Studies course is designed for students to increase in Bible knowledge to be better equipped for a life of success. Through Spirit Contemporary teaching this course will enable students to delve deeper into biblical truths and lead them on a journey of increased knowledge and understanding to take their relationship with God to a higher level.


Bible Foundations

Who wrote the Bible? What is the difference between the New and Old Testaments? How were they divided and why? Students will be taken on an in-depth journey through the Old and New Testaments of the Bible to answer these questions and will be provided with a deeper look into the dispensations throughout the Old Testament, the principles of studying the Bible, and the different offices in the Ministry of Jesus.


God’s Word coaches Christians to “live by faith”. So what is faith and how do we apply it to our life? Students will explore faith and the various ways it can bring positive change to every area of their life. All things are possible through faith in God, faith that is based on God’s Word.


Prayer is so powerful! Did you know that 95% of prayer is getting to know God and His Word? When we look at the life of Jesus it was a life of prayer. Students will learn how to pray effectively and stay in God’s presence to have more joy, peace and love in their life. When they get the Word of God firmly fixed in their hearts and minds they will see the answers come.

Holy Spirit and Gifts

Holy Spirit came into the world at an appointed time for a definite mission. Students will learn who Holy Spirit is and what “His Nature” is. Holy Spirit is a person – not just an influence. So by His very nature, Holy Spirit is essentially committed to truth. It is through Holy Spirit that God ministers His divine grace to mankind. Students will learn to be empowered by the Gifts to live their lives for His service.


In every one of us, there is a deep desire to change. Change is not just about willpower. If you don’t understand how to change, you’ll be a slave to your habits and addictions. Only God’s grace gives you the power to truly change. Students will learn the truth of change through Grace.


In the entire time that Jesus walked the earth healing multitudes of people, He never once denied anyone healing. Healing is God’s will all the time but it is up to you keep the switch of faith turned on. Students will learn the dynamics of effective prayer and receiving when they pray.


One of the greatest lies of the enemy, to the Christian world, is the vow of poverty. Students will learn God’s principles on finances and prosperity. The boundaries in your life are not established by God - Your heart is the absolute key to change. In the world, prosperity always costs something but with God prosperity is much different! God doesn’t have favourites; he commands His blessing on us all.

Spirit Contemporary

Spirit Contemporary is Holy Spirit working through contemporary people. It’s not the message that turns people off, it’s the messenger. Do you represent Christ well? Students will learn how to be relevant to the people they are speaking to about Christ. They will learn to allow Holy Spirit to flow through them in a Spirit Contemporary way.

Additional Topics Covered

  • Personal and Class Devotions
  • Beliefs of the Heart
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Discipleship
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Stewardship
  • Purpose
  • Church Community
  • Volunteering
  • Evangelism
  • Bible Study
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Chapels
  • The Truth Project


Our Leadership and Management course will introduce students to the personal management challenges and competencies that are critical for effective ministry leadership. Students learn how the personal development of life skills such as integrity, positive attitudes and behaviours, understanding others, critical thinking, communication, managing information, problem solving, self-discipline, goal setting, time management, stress management, etc. relate to their ability to be an effective ministry leader.

This course will also focus on facilitating the students’ awareness and understanding of their own abilities and provides the students with tremendous opportunity for growth through self-reflection, personal exploration, discussion and application.


Personal Management

A major factor determining or limiting your success in life is your personal self-image. You become what you think and believe. Students will learn how to build and maintain a positive self-image by exploring, understanding and accepting who they are in Christ, interacting positively and effectively with others, and the importance of personal and spiritual growth for themselves and others to be effective and successful.

Topics include: understanding yourself, understanding sin, freedom from guilt and rejection, renewing the mind, the gift in you, belief systems of the heart, the five love languages, the DNA of relationships.

Ministry Leadership

Effective leaders are not born; they’re made. Students will be introduced to Spirit Contemporary leadership. They will also learn different styles of leadership, their appropriateness in certain situations, and how students can be more effective leaders.

Topics include: team leadership, styles of leadership, situational leadership, delegation, hazards of leadership, tips for successful leadership, leadership transitions, ethical leadership, and servant leadership.

Goal Setting

One of most important aspects of success is the ability to define and achieve goals. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Students will learn the importance of setting goals for both individuals and groups. Students will learn the benefits of goal setting, how to define their goals and prioritize them, and develop an action plan to achieve their personal and ministry goals.

Topics includes: why goal setting is important, reasons people don’t set goals, defining goals, how to set goals, secrets of successful goal setting, setting goals in groups, and developing an action plan.


Self Organization
Students will focus on how to organize their time and their life and how to handle stress to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Group Organization
Students will learn how to structure a team so it has purpose and members know their roles.

Project Management
Students focus on the key fundamental project management areas with emphasis on organizing, planning and scheduling work and provides the information needed to organize and structure the work on a project or event. As students progress through college, church and into the workforce, these skills will prove to be extremely beneficial to their development and growth.

Communication in Ministry

Good communication skills are important for successful ministry leadership and group involvement. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively are powerful leadership tools. Students will learn the influences on communications and the ways to communicate more effectively, both in giving and understanding information.

Topics include: what is communication?, non-verbal communication, influences on communication, interpersonal communication, speaking and listening, I-messages, constructive criticism, blocks to communication, written communication, and presentations and speeches.

Effective Ministry Meetings

With competing demands on a leader’s time, it is important that meeting time be put to good use. Ministry leaders must have well-planned meetings in order to be effective and to accomplish its goals and objectives. Students will learn the fundamentals of planning and conducting effective meetings.

Topics include: general principles for meetings, planning a meeting, conducting a meeting, and following up after the meeting.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Every ministry leader is faced with the task of solving problems and making decisions. Some problems are easy to handle, some decisions easy to make. But others will take much time, energy and thought to work out. Students will learn some procedures that will help them when it comes time to solve problems and make decisions.

Topics include: consensual decision-making, checklist for implementation, and blocks to creative problem solving.


Leaders have a tremendous influence and responsibility to their team members. Students will learn the roles that leadership, assessment and evaluation play in developing world-class project teams. Students will also be introduced to the skills, qualities and attributes needed to successfully follow and lead others in a project management environment. A significant emphasis is placed upon interpersonal competencies and skills required for leading and motivating teams.

Topics include: group development, functional roles of group members, maintaining group cooperation, building a team, effective team members and leaders, effective teamwork, decision making procedures, and group awareness/observation.

Developing Creativity

Many people believe that you’re either creative or you’re not. Fortunately, this isn’t true. Everybody is creative in some way and students will be introduced to an expanded concept of creativity and will learn how to further develop the creativity they possess.

Topics include: understanding creativity, ideas, exploring creativity, brainstorming, creative idea generators, choosing and evaluating ideas, and trends and opportunities.